Elyse Bruce is a professional musician, composer, singer-songwriter, playwright and author, illustrator and visual artist, as well as the parent of a young adult with multiple disabilities and health conditions.   She balances her time writing music, songs, plays and novels, articles, painting and illustrating, and mastering new technology, as well as teaching songwriting and marketing courses.

She owns and authors three blog sites:  The Elyse Bruce blog, the Missy Barrett blog, and the Idiomation blog.  A number of her articles have been published, republished, and reblogged by mainstream and alternate media, and researched articles on her Idiomation and Elyse Bruce blogs have been used as reference material in a number of books by recognized and respected writers and authors such as the late Daniel Menaker who wrote for the New York times, Atlantic, Redbook, and other well-known publications; national bestselling author Chris DeRose;  and well-known idiom authority Ralph Keyes who also coined the word ‘post-truth’ in 2016.

Elyse has more than 20 published books to her name (and more writing as E.B. Taylor and under pseudonyms) as well as two instrumental CDs — “Quietudes” and “Dreamtime” — and the “Countdown To Midnight” CD.   She has illustrated novels and short stories the most recent of which is “Amazing Adventures” anthology of pulp fiction short stories edited by award-winning author and scriptwriter, Joel Mark Harris.

As previously mentioned, she is the mom of a young adult with multiple serious health conditions including autism spectrum disorder, Myasthenia Gravis (a rare, incurable, life-threatening neuromuscular disease that strikes 2 in 1 million children), and an assortment of less-serious-than-those-already-mentioned diagnosed health issues.   Elyse is also very active in a number of disability and rights communities across Canada and the United States.

As busy as she is, Elyse makes time to create and promote new and exciting projects and awareness events that involve — and benefit — as many people as possible.

In her spare time, she bakes chocolate chip cookies which she then generously shares with friends and family.

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