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2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. I am so glad you have a way I can praise you for this amazing idea to introduce folks to the struggles one with MG might encounter. This is a great idea and I hope those who read about with take part…experience is a great teacher! I have had MG since 1956 and know there are levels of adjustments to life activities that must be learned as evolve through the years. Your challenge can be an eye opener for those who have not walked this path. Congratulations.

  2. I love your MG Challenge idea for MG Awareness Month.
    I am launching a MG website in June, one primarily for raising awareness on the disease I have had since 1956.
    I wondered how I could include your lovely little challenge on a page there? Would I write it and reference your article, or would you guest author, as in permit me to use the article as you wrote it with your copyrights, etc.
    I live in Ontario, Canada. I have been a caregiver for ten years for my mate with Alzheimer’s, now in stage 7. I just decided if I wanted to help with MG, there was not better time than now.
    So I have been reading the sites on FB to get me back into the world of MG.

    I havea site for caregivers, and two for the
    two books I wrote about our journey. I can let you know the URLs if you like…this email program seems to think I am spam.

    I share these with you because I want you to know the type person I am and perhaps get an idea of the MG site I propose to launch next month. If there is a better way for us to communicate and you would like to, I am What do you think?

    Thank you for your fun idea of a way to introduce the struggle level of MG to those who have no idea! I hope to hear from you with a suggestion for me. Thank you. This is not for posting on this site, but I saw no other way to contact you.

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