End Of The Innocence

This is another great read by E.B. Taylor. The angst of principal Trevor Raines over the continual nightmarish student Nathan Lane Covington is timely, as this story could be right from today’s headlines. The perspective from the point of view of the principal gives insight to the tough job of school administrators. Well done.

~ Cookie W., Bradenton, FL

I couldn’t put the book down. What a surprise ending. I’m reading the sequel now.

~ Phil W., Sevierville, TN

I Will Not Go Quietly

Excellent book. Well written. Surprise ending. I couldn’t put it down. It picks up where “End Of The Innocence” stops. A must read!

~ Phil W. Sevierville, TN

The Clip’n’Dip Praise The Heavens Multi-Faith Congregation

Awesome read. Entertaining from the first paragraph. I could relate to subject material and it made me laugh.

~ Yvette K, Cleveland, TN

Elyse Bruce has written a magnificent satire on religion. From collection plates to awkward moments during a sermon, Elyse Bruce captures it all. The Clip’n’Dip Praise the Heavens Multi-Faith Congregation also has some valuable lessons to teach on honest and not judging others. With a perfect blend of parody and morals, this satire has it all.I would recommend it if you can step back and have a laugh at what outsides make think of religion–and learn a view lessons on the way!

~ Greg T., Long Island, NY

This book is a slice of life in a country Baptist church. It is a sermon personified. I loved it. It would make a good movie.

~ Phil W., Sevierville, TN

The Clip ,n, Dip Praise The Heavens Multi-Faith Congregation is a good short read for a snowy afternoon. Ms. Bruce is able to spin a humorous tale involving religion, guilt and a preachers knack for going of on a tangent but still managing to tie the side tail back to the original sermon.

~ Rick F., Chicago, IL

A wonderful satire speaking to the angst of current society in a way that is mindful of “Monty Python.” Elyse Bruce has an extremely insightful view of the human condition and I could not put it down.

~ Tom D., Lakeland, FL

Idiomation: Book 1

This book is a delightful educational resource! I’ve come across many idioms that I did not even know existed thanks to this book. It is also fascinating to learn the origins of phrases I already knew existed. Some that I thought were relatively new in the lexicon were actually really old and vice versa. Perhaps the most interesting entries are those idioms that have nationalities in them (such as “Dutch treat”).

Whether you’re interested in idioms, or simply have an interest in the origins of language, this book is for you!

~ Greg T., Long Island, NY

I’ve always been interested in where words and phrases come from because I am an autistic person. The meanings of figures of speech often eluded me. So, in my hunt to figure out what people really meant, I’d look for a book like this and none existed at the time. It’s why now that one does, I’m glad to own it!! I’ve even learned some new ones I had never even heard before! It’s a fun read for sure. And it’s always great to have a conversation about it so I leave it out in my living room for others to browse through.

~ Heather F., Sallisaw, OK


Highly recommend the Missy Barrett stories to anyone with children in their lives.

Barnstormin’ did not disappoint. I’ve been enjoying this story as my son reads it out loud. I asked him what he enjoys the most, he said, “I like that Missy offers factual history and information.” He’s nine.

He was so excited to read our home state of Washington had made an appearance in the story. This was a nice bonus!

I’m so thankful to the Author, Elyse Bruce, for breathing life into the phenomenal fictional character. Missy is exactly what our children need to be reading.

~ Rose C., Seattle, WA

Nailed It

Sweet story with entertaining characters. Little girls will love this book!

~ Eliz R., Unknown

Check out all of Elyse’s books, they’re awesome! Missy is so fun, smart, and adventurous! Plus, you have to know what Missy and Mackie have in common! 🙂

~ Anonymous, Sevierville, TN

The Secret Ingredient

Missy’s grandfather describes her as a dynamo, a spark plug, a fireball, and real live wire. I agree. I would also describe her as an exceptionally bright, curious, thoughtful, and caring little girl. I’ve been following the Missy Barrett blog for a little while and I’ve come to appreciate how Missy’s mind works. While reading The Secret Ingredient I found myself remembering back to spending one-on-one time with my kids when they were this age, and missing those days. Kids have such a marvelous way of looking at the world, and Elyse Bruce has managed to capture that in Missy. From my adult point of view The Secret Ingredient is humorous, heart-warming and thought provoking; a thoroughly delightful read.

~ Jayne H., Denver, CO

Fantastic Things

Another great Missy Barrett story. I really appreciate the authors ability to communicate topics that are often complex, in a way children can understand and learn from. I reviewed this book, before sitting with my 9 year old, so he too can read it, as he’s enjoyed Missy Barrett. I have no hesitation allowing him to read this on his own.

~ Rose C., Seattle, WA

Pinwheels and Pearls

My son has been enjoying the Missy Barrett stories. Once again, this does not disappoint. Missy ventures into helping a child who is battling for his life, by putting on a fundraiser.

This fictional character is always up to adventure, while adhering to the parental boundaries. I really love the message the author conveys via Missy.

~ Rose C., Seattle, WA

This book contained such a heartwarming story filled with wit and wisdom for all ages! Missy Barrett is a caring, funny, and creative girl with the best intentions.

Elyse Bruce does a fantastic job with her descriptions, fialogue, and plot! Wonderful lessons learned and it all comes alive for the reader. Also, after reading, I totally wanted to attend Missy’s party. A Pinwheels and Pearls Garden Party sounds awesome.

~ Emily M., Morristown, TN

Indians Live In Tipis

Spending time with Missy Barrett always reminds me of the wondrous nature of a child’s mind. I have a sneaky suspicion that the more we try to remember what it was like to be a child, the closer we remain to our true selves.

In this book, the conversation (which Missy is having with her grandfather) provides the reader with a stream of consciousness overview of how a child thinks. While this is funny, it also carries a deeper meaning, as we see how hard Missy works to try to make sense of her world.

Missy is deeply proud of her Indian ancestry, and is coming to an age where she is beginning to realize others don’t always value that heritage in the same way. That presents Missy with some difficult situations and lessons to work through; reminding us that so much of life is spent learning how to live it…no matter what age a person may be.

Both adults and children will enjoy this book. I think it may lead to some interesting conversations.

Memorable quote: “It’s just crazy talk if the teacher forgets to talk about important things . That’s like teaching students the alphabet but forgetting to tell them about two letters because they don’t show up in Grade Two spelling words.” –Bruce, Elyse (2014-08-28). Indians Live In Tipis (The Missy Barrett Conversations Book 2) (Kindle Locations 87-89). Elyse Bruce. Kindle Edition.

~ Jayne H., Denver, CO

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