This instrumental CD intertwines Asian influences with European and North American rhythms and chord progressions with subtle touches of environmental elements to captivate listeners.  Adult contemporary in nature, six extended pieces have the listener travelling through a variety of pleasant moods and styles.

Quietudes Cover

  • Genre:  Instrumental / New World Music
  • Release Date: June 16, 2005
  • Language: Not Applicable
  • ASIN: B000QZT69U
  • Total Length: 38 minutes


Gentle Journey (9:00)
Heartbeats (5:06)
Cloudburst (4:06)
Soul Seekers  (8:16)
Night Visions (6:24)
Quietudes (5:03)

Compact Disc

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Available on Amazon by clicking HERE.
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“Gentle Journey” is just that, a “gentle journey”, a path drawn of light and senses tingling. In the lead track from the aptly named “Quietudes”, we’re treated to a tender mix of sweet and soft sounds. Her music is like comfort food at its best, utilizing a tapestry of exotic instruments; everything from Spanish guitar to Asian chimes. The clever disc never lets up in our “journey” –- as we move from the rain of night in “Soul Seekers” to the concluding title track, “Quietudes”, which offers a mesmerizing combo of guitars and orchestral strings bright enough to delight even the stingiest of senses.
~ A & R Select (Hollywood, CA)

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