2021 Videos

This is the first year of the “One Hand Tied Behind My Back” challenge to raise awareness of Myasthenia Gravis. This page showcases some of the videos from this year’s participants.

This first video shows how Myasthenia Gravis is pronounced.

YouTube player

And here are some of this year’s #MGChallenge videos.

Robin Thomas Quinn aka Artie Q

Cal Grant-Smith and friends at Books To Inspire




2 thoughts on “2021 Videos”

  1. Now, I may have some small sense of MG because of the Non Dominant Hand Move—Bravo, E1, Great Cause! More power to ya, bringing awareness of this rare disease; Best on Ur Quest. R1

    1. Thanks for being part of this #MGChallenge helping raise #MGAwareness. Because of people like you, more people can honestly say #IhaveheardofMG.

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