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Missy Barrett and the Congressman

Days before the latest Missy Barrett Adventure book was launched, Bill Darden, field representative from Congressman Phil Roe’s office got a sneak peek at “Barnstormin’.

           Bill Darden, field representative for Congressman Phil Roe, and Elyse Bruce (August 2016).

Elyse was delighted to hear Mr. Darden suggest that perhaps it’s time for Missy Barrett to learn about Congress, and as a follow-up, Elyse is discussing  this possibility with Congressman Roe’s office.  Keep an eye out for updates on this exciting news!

Missy’s Going To Mars In March!

It’s always fun to find out what’s going on with Missy Barrett, and this week, we’re pleased to announce that Missy Barrett and author Elyse Bruce will both be going to March in March of next year.  You say you can’t believe this latest fantastic Missy Barrett news?  Check out Missy Barrett’s INSIGHT boarding pass direct from NASA’s website!

Remember to check out Missy Barrett’s blog for updates from Missy Barrett on what NASA is planning on this upcoming trip, and for facts about Mars and other planets in the solar system and the stars beyond!