Welcome to 2017!

The New Year is off to a great start with lots of projects on the go!  Between the upcoming Rose Glen Literary Festival on Saturday, February 25th at the Sevierville Convention Center in Sevierville (TN) to the Missy Barrett chapter book “Pinwheels and Pearls” launch at the beginning of March in support of Relay For Life of Sevier County, Elyse Bruce and her team are busy.

Later this week, the quarterly eNewsletter will go out to fans and friends, so watch your inboxes!  You’ll want to be in the know as to what else is going on in the upcoming three months and more.


Idiomation and the Law

The “Idiomation: Historically Speaking” blog owned and authored by Elyse Bruce has been around since January 2010.  Over the years, its popularity has grown as has its reputation for providing factually accurate information on idioms, clichés, sayings, expression, phrases, and words.

The blog enjoys tens of thousands of unique hits each and every month, and is often used as a source in research and study papers.  Idiomation was noted as a source in “Ending The Internal Affairs Farce” in Volume 64, Issue 3 of the Buffalo Law Review.

According to the Buffalo Law Review, the journal welcomes “manuscripts on topics of contemporary legal significance.”  The website also states that the journal receives a great many manuscripts over the course of each semester, and that only a few are accepted for publishing.

Rachel Moran, J.D. is a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the College of Law at the University of Denver, and earned her degree from the Chicago-Kent College of Law.  From 2010 to 2015, she worked for the Office of the Illinois State Appellate Defender, and has argued numerous cases in front of the Illinois Supreme Court.

Idiomation continues to enjoy success on a global level, and Elyse Bruce encourages fans and followers to submit idioms, clichés, sayings, expression, phrases, and words they would like to see researched and published to the blog.