Missy Barrett certainly does get noticed by some big names in the world!

Last Wednesday on the Missy Barrett blog,  Missy wrote about UK retailer John Lewis’s Christmas 2014 television advertisement in an entry titled, “Monty and Floaty Penguin.”   For those of you who read the 2012 novel, “Glass On A Stick” you’ll remember that Floaty Penguin was one of many imaginary characters from Missy Barrett’s imaginary dotting map.

The upswing to the blog entry is that it caught the attention of John Lewis Retail on Twitter and resulted in a tweet.  Take a look at this!

John Lewis Retail_13 November 2014It’s always nice when a big name like John Lewis takes notice.  And it’s easy to understand how Missy Barrett captures the hearts of children and adults alike around the world.

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