Missy Barrett Loves Artie Q

For those of you who aren’t familiar with 9-year-old Missy Barrett from the Missy Barrett Adventures, Missy Barrett Conversations, Missy Barrett’s Year In Review, or the Missy Barrett chapter books, she’s an intriguing fictional child at the very least.    The inimitable Missy Barret has a Facebook page and she blogs weekly on her WordPress blog.

One of the things Missy loves to pieces is music by electronic pop artist, Artie Q.

When Pandora turned down what Missy trumpets as “one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole wide world ever,” Missy was shocked.  She wanted to make some noise about it, but she wasn’t sure what that noise was going to look like.  Now she knows what that noise should look like.

Before going any further, it’s important that you listen to the song that Missy called “one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole wide world ever” so you know what caliber of musician she’s talking about here.

LINK:  https://soundcloud.com/artieq2/good-morning

Now that you’ve heard the song, pop over to Missy Barrett’s blog and read what her big noise solution to the Pandora problem is.  Everyone who reads her idea thinks she’s probably on to something good.  To read all about Missy Barrett’s solution, CLICK HERE.

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