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Missy Barrett Is Free On Amazon

Time is running out to get your FREE download of “Indians Live In Tipis” from the Missy Barrett Conversation.   And who wouldn’t want to download a Missy Barrett eBook especially when it’s FREE?

This book is a spirited and enlightening conversation between Missy and her grandfather as she grapples with a classmate’s claim that Indians live in tipis and nowhere else.

Missy Barrett thinks American history and North American Indian history go together like peanut butter and jam. That is, until one of her classmates breaks the news to her that her Grandpa can’t be an Indian anymore because he lives in a house just like everyone else. But Missy isn’t about to let someone strip her Grandpa of his heritage if she can help it. If there’s a way to keep her Grandpa from losing his identity, she’s going to find it, and she knows just who to enlist to help her find that solution! Whether your ancestors are First Nations peoples or settlers, Missy’s approach to resolving the conundrum her classmate has tossed her way gets the job done.

One of the many memorable quotes in this story is this:  “It’s just crazy talk if the teacher forgets to talk about important things . That’s like teaching students the alphabet but forgetting to tell them about two letters because they don’t show up in Grade Two spelling words.”

Also available as a paperback, this book (as all the books from the Missy Barrett Conversation series and the Missy Barrett Adventure series) makes a great stocking stuffer.

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