The #3SmallWords campaign is one that Elyse Bruce decided to create after being witness to a situation that was so heartbreakingly sad that she felt there was a need to do more than just listen and offer help.

We’ve been told often that the three greatest things in life are faith, hope, and love.  Love is said to be the greatest, but there’s no guarantee that love can change what’s wrong in a person’s life.  And faith, while important, is no guarantee that what’s wrong in a person’s life will change either.

But hope … hope stands up in the face of adversity, and against all odds, believes that faith and love will overcome all trials and tribulations.

This is why Elyse has started the #3SmallWords campaign on social media and invites everyone to share the message of hope.

Why should we share this message?  Because hope always counts.

Hope Always Counts_3 Small Words MEME
Please download this meme by Elyse Bruce, and share it on your social media pages, blogs, websites, and emails.  Reach out and give others hope where theirs is shaken.

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